The Kitchen

The kitchen in Ksar El Kabbaba, is particularly rich with organic vegetables and seasonal fruits from mostly local orchards and vegetable garden and the local delicacies that will not cease to surprise your taste.

Buds, salads and raw vegetables, pastries revive the atmosphere of holidays, the bread which varies according to the occasion (normal, tanourt, megdal ...) Mechoui to how Skouri, southern dishes a true celebration every day ... Our challenge is to join the exotic to clean: dishes of local flavors , the delights of world gastronomy, dietetics finely adapted to the richly arranged event (honeymoon, anniversary, Christmas...) The chef is happy to customize each meal to the tastes and needs of our guests.


​‌Nous avons adoré votre magnifique ksar, et la cuisine est mon préféré de tous les endroits que nous avons visités. ​‌​‌”

Chef Hollie Green

The restaurant

Our particularity in Ksar El Kabbaba is that one can choose to enjoy their meals, and each day has a different area of Ksar. The places of establishment, we have named them "the staged," each preserves its concept, its colors and style.

The classic and known place where we all go to feast. We have a capacity of 30 people as waiters and waitress: tables for 2 or more, especially for friends or family who like to enjoy having meals in groups.

There are two corners with traditional mattresses and tables to enjoy the taste of food and warmth of the place. It is still the destination of our guests when the weather is bad.