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Service of well being

Ksar El Kabbaba is basically an ideal place for your stay with family, friends or couples ...etc. We also offer a service of well being, the spa located in the garden of the Ksar, massage, body scrub, jacuzzi, hammam and gym.


The hammam is a real wellness ritual. You can always get inspired for unforgettable private sessions. It is built of adobe (earth and straw), its coating is made purely beldi zelliges wall with marble floor tiles.
The hammam is practiced in a room heated with wood, in which you enter a kind of fog. Actually water vapor and you hear and feel all around you. You also feel your body dilate, pores, blood vessels ... Here, sit for a while before you coat with black soap, an exfoliating product that helps regenerate skin cells.

It consists of olive oil, black olives and potash. It contains vitamin E, excellent skin. After you leave, and you will enjoy scrub and polish up by an expert at loofah. Do not worry if you find a lot of dead skin on the ground. Is that the scrub is done well.


After a dazzling hammam, spend a few moments in a hot tub which helps you to relax. Same as steam, it is built of adobe and coated floor and walls of zelliges beldi to give this place modernity in its appearance and traditional view in context.

the massage

Your massage will take place in a room heated sufficiently, comfortable and quiet. Background music will be played to help you relax. You will lie on a table specially designed for maximum comfort.
The massages will allow you to free yourself from muscular tension and pain, promote blood circulation and reduce mental and physical fatigue as well as stress. There are several types of massage; slimming, relaxing, invigorating, we will offer you one you want based on natural oils such the oil of argan, or the rosemary...