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External activities

Booking online

If your stay is one night you can choose between our external activities.

Hikes in the palm of ouarzazate with or without a guide

We organize hikes in the palm of Ouarzazate with or without a guide, You can choose either do on foot, by mountain bike, Quad, camel, donkeys, mules or horses. You're going to take the opportunity to discover the biodiversity of the palm, see closely the architecture of the kasbah, know the irrigation system (Khatara) known for hundreds of years, it is to irrigate fields dried and improve agriculture. You will also discover pottery and all steps to have her finished product.

Picnic in the grove

Make a picnic in the grove is to be in contact with nature. You can choose to either enjoy the sun or the moon and stars, the quiet are what we are looking for all, away from the daily hassles. During this relaxing and sharing, we prepare a picnic basket, with implementation taking little care.

Lunch at the inhabitant

Other exit is lunch at the inhabitant. In the Ksar, we stroll with our guests to find their tables, exchange with them, live a unique culinary and human adventure where sharing and authenticity meet.

Traditional hunting

If you like nature, we invite you to practice traditional hunting. You will not have a gun, but greyhound dogs who accompany you to hunt wild rabbits. It's a ride that will be made by 4x4, with members specializing in trekking and hunting.